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Welcome to the Permanent Diaconate section of the Westminster Vocations website.

Since the earliest days of the Church, men ordained as Deacon by the Bishop of his diocese has served the Church in a three-fold ministry:

  • The Ministry of Charity
  • The Ministry of the Word
  • The Ministry of the Altar

As well as parish ministry, deacons are engaged in a variety of other ministries, including school, prison and hospital chaplaincy.

A man considering a vocation as a Permanent Deacon will have the support of their parish priest,  be actively engaged in the life of their own parish, and already be involved in works of service and exercising some leadership roles within this community.

Here you will find a series of articles and reflections, testimonies and practical “What next...” features – all aimed to help those discerning a possible calling to this particular vocation within the Church.

If you would like to know more about the Permanent Diaconate or are considering a vocation, then we we will be pleased to hear from you.

Contact: Deacon Adrian Cullen - Director

07961 594725

For further information please contact Deacon Colin Macken 



Congratulations to

Deacon Phil Etuk, Deacon Jim McLean, Deacon Sam Mulira, 

ordainained to the Permanent Diaconate

by Bishop Paul McAleenan on 8th July 2023.

_Ordinations to the Permanent Diaconate - July 2023



2022 National Deacon Assembly: ‘50 years and counting , Permanent Diaconate – past, present….future’  marked the renewal of the permanent diaconate as an active, permanent order of ministry in a changing world, that continues to be “a driving force for the Church’s service or diakonia toward the local Christian communities and a sign or sacrament of the Lord Christ Himself” (Paul VI, Apostolic Letter Ad Pascendum, Introduction).


Held every four years, the next National Deacon Assembly 2026 will be in Birmingham.



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