Safeguarding in Permanent Diaconate

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Safeguarding is of primary concern in the Permanent Diaconate, particularly in support of children and vulnerable adults.  In line with Diocesan policies and procedures, we:

  • Implement our diocesan-agreed Policy (available soon) which includes a Communication Plan.
  • Ensure deacons and men in formation are kept up to date with Safeguarding Information, through direct e-mail and our quarterly newsletter.
  • Review our communications plan regularly, and revise annually.
  • Maintain regular discussion on Safeguarding matters with key organisations, including the Southern Diaconate and National Diaconate.
  • Include a Safeguarding agenda item on all Directors' and Leadership Team meetings.
  • Use this website to inform those associated with the Permanent Diaconate to its commitment to Safeguarding. 

For further information on Safeguarding visit the Westminter Diocesan webpages

In an emergency, dial 999.