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Trustee's Safeguarding Committee Role

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The WRCDT Trustee board are committed to promoting culture of Safeguarding, please read the full Terms of Reference document here.

The Trustee's Safeguarding Committee is governed by a Terms of Reference which states:

"The purpose of this Committee of the Trustee is to support, assist and advise the Diocesan Trustee in discharging duties in safeguarding, in accordance with the Trustee’s legal and regulatory duties, Trust Deed, Canon Law of the Catholic Church, Charity Commission guidance, and to operate within the standards, policies and procedures of the Catholic Safeguarding Standards Agency."

For the full Trustee's Safeguarding Committee Terms of Reference, you can read the full document here.

The Trustee's Safeguarding Committee Members

  • Baroness Nuala O'Loan, Chair
  • Rev Monsignor Seamus O'Boyle, Episcopal Vicar for Safeguarding
  • Ms Barbara Beese
  • Mr Andrzej Wdowiak
  • Ms Mary Coller
  • Fr Stephen Coker
  • Mr Kevin Barry
  • Mr Edward Morgan
  • Rachel O'Driscoll
  • Bernadette Herbert

Please read the specific role and responsibilities here

Minute Summary

Trustee's Safeguarding Committee Meeting - 06/07/2023

Trustee's Safeguarding Committee Meeting - 09/03/2023