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Key Statutory Guidance relating to Children and Adults at Risk

Children - Working Together 2018

Adults at Risk - Care and Support Statutory Guidance (Care Act 2014 Guidance)

National Safeguarding Policies and Procedures

CSAS (Catholic Safeguarding Advisory Service) ensure that the Church’s policies on safeguarding are kept up to date with good practice and are accessible to people at all levels in the Church

Please find all the Catholic safeguarding policies and procedures which apply to all Parishes within the Diocese of Westminster in the link below. This includes guidance for:

  • How to respond to allegations of abuse
  • Good practice when working with children and adults at risk
  • Safer Recruitment

CSAS Procedures

CSAS have now moved the Safeguarding Volunteer Handbook online so any updates are not missed / handbooks become outdated. This includes:

  • Code of practice / acceptable behaviour
  • Risk assessments
  • Event planning toolkit

This can be accessed via the CSAS Resource Area on the link below.

Catholic Safeguarding Resource Area

Other Resources and Links

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