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For Someone who has been abused in childhood the prospect of speaking out is often a significant step towards healing and recovery.


The following link from Catholic Safeguarding Advisory Services (CSAS) is the updated National Policy for the support of those affected by allegations of abuse within a Church setting:



The following are some links to services and support available to survivors of abuse:

1 – RCDOW Hurt by Abuse Leaflet  – this is the official leaflet for the Westminster Diocese which contains helpful information for survivors of abuse.

2 – Minister and Clergy Sexual Abuse Survivors  – MACSAS supports women and men who have been sexually abused, as children or adults, by ministers, clergy or others under the guise of the Church.

3 – Grief to Grace  UK –   Healing the wounds of abuse – Founded in Pennsylvania in 2006, Grief to Grace now ministers in several diocese in the USA, in Canada and in Kingston, Jamaica. With the support of the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Southwark, The Most Reverend Peter Smith, the programme was first piloted in the UK in 2011 and established as a UK charity in 2014.

4 – The Survivors’ Trust  – The Survivors Trust (TST) is a UK-wide national umbrella agency for 130 specialist organisations for support for the impact of rape, sexual violence and childhood sexual abuse throughout the UK and Ireland.

5 – One in Four –  Supporting people who have experienced child sexual abuse and trauma

6 – NAPAC  – the National Association for People Abused in Childhood offers support to adult survivors of all types of childhood abuse, including physical, sexual, emotional abuse or neglect.

7 – ICAP – (Immigrant Counselling and Psychotherapy)
is a charity providing counselling and psychotherapy. Talking with a trained and experienced professional in a safe, confidential, non-judgemental space can help people understand the causes of their distress and pain.