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As we embark on our diocesan synodal pathway, download resources from this page for use in your parish community:

Vatican Resources:

Documents for Diocesan Synodal Pathway:

Feedback Forms:

Please use these forms to tell us the story of the process in your parish or community. This will ensure we can include your experience within the diocesan synthesis that we’ll prepare for our Pre-synod Diocesan Gathering on 19th February.

As well as completing the Parish & Community Synthesis Form, please send any notable examples of particular experiences or insights which enriched your synodal pathway. You are welcome to include a small number of high-resolution photographs of anything which might help illustrate your synthesis. 

Please submit your completed form as soon as it is ready and no later than Friday 21st January 2022 to 

Guidelines for Facilitators

Find your closest Synod event at the calendar below.