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A student from Bishop Douglass Catholic School, in East Finchley, has won the title of International Maths Olympiad Elitist. 
Anna Davletshina, in Year 9, received the accolade thanks to her hard work, resilience and diligent effort participating in the International Maths Olympiad Challenge. She qualified for all three rounds of the online International Maths Olympiad Challenge and came out with excellent scores.

Speaking about her achievement, Anna said:

‘I found participating in the International Maths Olympiad Challenge a great and useful experience. It has helped me to be more organised and I challenged myself throughout the three rounds of the competition. Though the tasks were difficult and challenging, I managed to push myself harder and worked out the solution to most of the questions. Thanks to my amazing Maths teacher, Ms Akinrinlola, for teaching me and helping me succeed in the challenge.’

Head of School, Michelle Henderson, said:

‘Anna’s achievement speaks volumes about her capability and her commitment to learning, which have indeed paid off. Please keep it up!’