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Did you arrive in Britain on a Kindertransport?

If you or someone you know were a child of the Kindertransport who was classed as a Jew under the Nuremburg laws but who subsequently practised Christianity, either by choice or as a result of your host families or spouse being of the Christian faith, the Association of Jewish Refugees (AJR), the national charity supporting Holocaust refugees and survivors living in Great Britain, would be pleased to welcome you to join them. Amongst their members are Kinder and refugees who survived the war in occupied Europe.
The AJR provides social, welfare and care services. Members receive support from volunteers and can obtain advice and assistance on welfare rights as well as on Holocaust reparations.

They have a nationwide network of regional groups offering members a unique opportunity to socialise in their local area and to attend national events and services. Members also receive the monthly AJR Journal, which contains current news and other information of interest.

Through the recently-launched Kindertransport Fund, the German government is making an historic gesture reparation payment to those former child refugees who fled Nazi oppression. For details about the Claims Conference Kindertransport Fund and their other Compensation Payment Programs please visit their website:

Please contact Karin Pereira at the AJR for Membership enquiries on 020 385 3070 and Rosemary Peters for Kindertransport Fund enquiries, on 020 385 3088.

For more information about AJR please visit or our social media pages: and