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Ash Wednesday Mass celebrated by Bishop Alan at Imperial College

On Ash Wednesday, Bishop Alan Hopes, auxiliary Bishop of Westminster, celebrated Mass in Imperial college with students, staff and members of the Chemin Neuf community – who serve as chaplains to the student body.

In his homily Bishop Alan both expressed his joy at returning to celebrate Ash Wednesday Mass at Imperial college and reminded the congregation that the nature of faith is not just something we should consider as isolated individuals, but rather: “We are a communion of people, who recognise that our identity as individuals comes about because we belong to a community in which we face up to our responsibilities to God and to others. It is important for us to remember that the observance of Lent is something we do together. We are the Church.”


Bishop Alan also said: “Today marks the moment when, as the community of the Church, we enter the season of Lent. The prophet Joel proclaims that it is a time to call people together, to summon the community to turn to God who is rich in tenderness and mercy. St Paul writes: this is a favourable time - a time of opportunity.”

The Mass, which took place in a drama studio, was well attended by students, many of whom have attended in other years. Joanna, who regularly attends Mass at More House, said “it was great that Bishop Alan took time to come and say Mass with us today”. The Mass was celebrated at 1pm so students were able to return to their studies afterwards.

Further photographs of the Mass are available here