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On Thursday 28th April, Bishop John Sherrington celebrated the annual Mass for Catholic Women Praying Together at the Church of the Immaculate Conception, Farm Street. The theme of this year's Mass was 'Praying for our young people'.

Speaking after the Mass, Bishop John said: 'It's a great joy this morning to be able to celebrate the Mass with Catholic Women Praying Together, a group that's brought together women from different Catholic organisations. Our focus has been praying for young people and, in our prayer, also very deeply praying for peace in the world, especially in the Ukraine.

'Catholic Women Praying Together are a powerful force for change because the Holy Spirit animates all that we do, so that through our prayer, from our prayer we move out in charity and service to others.

'In the homily I explained the way in which St Catherine of Sienna, through her intimate relationship with God, was able to move from her prayer into charity and service, and helped to reform the Church. 

'So my prayer is that this Mass will inspire Catholic Women Praying Together in their work of service and love for the good of the Church.'