Worldwide Marriage Encounter: marriage enrichment

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A Weekend of Discovery. A Lifetime of Love.

Worldwide Marriage Encounter is a Movement which aims to give couples who are married, or in long-standing relationships and commitment the opportunity to enrich and refresh their relationships. It also seeks to give priests and religious the chance to reflect on their vocation and enhance their relationship with their parish and community.  To go to our website click here

We are a movement that provides weekend enrichment experiences and an on-going community of like minded couples ,who support each other through  enrichment/sharing groups

Weekends and Online Experiences are Catholic in origin and ethos. Couples of any or no faith are also most welcome.

Marriage Encounter is not aimed at marriages or relationships that are in difficulty, because the Movement does not offer advice or counselling for marriages in crisis (see here)

Is your marriage or couple relationship important to you and your family?

Would you like:

More joy and romance?

More fun and laughter?

To be happier and closer as a couple?

A lifelong adventure together?

A time to focus on your unique relationship?

A Marriage Encounter Weekend  is presented by up to three Catholic couples and a priest. There are no  group discussion. It is a private conversation between each couple  and a unique way for you to revitalise, affirm and grow  your marriage away from the distractions, tensions and routine of everyday life