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Getting married?

Take time together to shape the kind of marriage you want, with the support and experience of Marriage Care.

Choose between our two programmes or better still, experience both. We offer a group course called Preparing Together where you will meet other couples also preparing for marriage.

This is delivered during a day (usually a Saturday), or over a series of evenings, and covers the importance of talking and listening, negotiating and solving problems.

You will also consider what you expect from your marriage, the influence of your family of origin and reflect on the importance and significance of the vows you will be making. Preparing Together is based on our 70+ years of experience of supporting couples in distress and has received an imprimatur from His Eminence Cardinal Vincent Nichols.

We also offer a bespoke questionnaire-based programme called FOCCUS (Facilitating Open Couple Communication, Understanding and Study) which hones in on your particular relationship strengths and highlights the areas where you may need to reach a better understanding of one another.

FOCCUS is delivered over a series of sessions, the first where you will complete the questionnaire, and two further sessions where you will talk together about what this snapshot of your relationship has revealed.

FOCCUS was developed by the Archdiocese of Omaha in the United States.

Both courses are offered from our local Centres in London and Barnet & Enfield and our other Centres in Blackheath, Croydon and Wimbledon. To book a place please call our central Appointments Service on 0800 389 3801.

There is a fee for both courses but this goes towards defraying the cost of training and equipping our volunteer facilitators and the cost of our counselling services.

By investing in your own marriage you are also investing in marriage in the wider community.

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“I had been keen to attend the Preparing Together course as I wanted my partner and I to take some time out from planning our wedding to think about our relationship and how we dealt with certain situations such as problem solving and defusing arguments. We came away from the day with the tools we needed to keep our relationship strong for the future. It also helped us reaffirm why we were in our relationship.” 

 “We hadn’t expected to find the FOCCUS sessions that helpful as it was not something that we felt we particularly needed.However, it actually proved extremely useful, especially the part on how we communicate with each other and we have relied on what we learnt often since.  The sessions were handled in a very sensitive manner and I would definitely recommend it to other engaged couples.”