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Catholic Marriage Care was founded in London 1946 and has served the Catholic Community for the last 75 years. Our patron is the Archbishop of Westminster.

At Catholic Marriage Care we believe that men and women from all walks of life catch a glimpse of something beautiful, hopeful and divine, in the possibilities of marriage and family life. Our marriage preparation and support service enable couples to nurture faithful and fruitful marriages that last, as we draw on Catholic teaching and contemporary research to help couples focus on the quality of their relationship with each other. 

We offer four options for marriage preparation, delivering equally excellent but different experiences that follow the “Guidelines for the Preparation of Couples for Marriage” as set down by the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England & Wales.

There is a fee for both courses but this goes towards defraying the cost of training and equipping our volunteer facilitators and the cost of our counselling services. Please remember to agree your marriage preparation resource with your priest.

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