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Our Family Life resource page is designed to provide some quick links to a number of organisations  that support couples and families on the journey of life. These  included groups nurturing and accompaniment, through to those giving assistance to the bereaved, where there is domestic abuse and accompaniment for the separated and divorced.

For ease of reference the listings are in alphabetical order

You can stay abreast of developments in the Church around the country via the Bishops of England & Wales Marriage & Family Life Website.

The Art of Dying Well Podcasts.  winner of the prestigious Jerusalem Award in the category of Digital Audio for its podcast series. These monthly programmes aim to make death and dying something we can talk about openly without discomfort or fear. Each month we interview a guest on a key topic, engage in a little ‘death chatter’ before getting the 'View from the Chaplain’s chair’.

Beginning experience  The purpose of this ministry is to facilitate the grief resolution process for separated, divorced and widowed persons, and children of these losses, thereby enabling them to again love themselves, others and God

Care For The Family is a national charity which aims to promote strong family life and to help those who face family difficulties. Couple, parent and bereavement support available.

Cath Family : a  wonderful  organisation dedicated to assisting families in making the home the living heart of the church. 

Catholic Grandparents Groups The Catholic Grandparents’ Association, parish grandparents' groups and Diocesan Marriage and Family Life Coordinators work together to support grandparents in passing on their faith in God to their grandchildren.

Cedar providing advice and guidance for mothers & children  experiencing domestic abuse.

Celebrate Trust is a Catholic ministry that inspires and equips people of all ages to live an authentic Christian life in the power of the Holy Spirit, in support of the family, to form the next generation and encourage local community. Visit this website for free family activity packs and resources.

Dadshouse a charity that supports single fathers to manage the practicalities of raising their children alone.

Family Group Movement Family Groups are parish friendship groups drawn from the Catholic community open to any parishioner irrespective of age or personal circumstances. Family Groups are made up of young, mature, single, widowed, married, separated and divorced parishioners who commit to spending time together once a month for low cost activities. The groups are linked by a common faith bond but are not exclusive to Catholics.

Gingerbread  Founded in 1918 this charity provides advice and support for single mums and dads.

Home is a Holy Place A great resource pack designed to help families become more aware of how God is already present with them at home.

Mankind a  specialist charity focused on male vicitims of domestic abuse.

Mothers Prayers was formed to help those mothers who wished to pray together for their children and grandchildren and to find the support they needed.  

National Parenting Initiative  was set up in January 2012 by a group of parenting professionals and senior church leaders from all over the UK. The goal is to encourage parenting courses in every corner of our four nations and to make it easy for parents to access them. All courses offered on this website are open to parents or carers of any faith or of no faith.

RESTORED A Christian charity that aims to end violence against women, which provides a variety of resources for victims of abuse, church leaders and men.

Restored Lives: Do you need help recovering from relationship breakdown? The Restored Lives course supports and empowers people to move forward from divorce and separation, or the breakdown of any serious relationship, to live a full life, free from past issues. Offers face to face and remote delivery options

The Wednesday Word sharing Sunday's Gospel with Parents and Families. The Wednesday Word is offered to you as a weekly, special 5 minutes Family Time together.

Westminster Youth Ministry News, events, resources and much more for young Catholics.

The Catholic Truth Society

CTS publications reach people in all situations and walks of life, providing support for priests, teachers, parents and catechists to pass on the gift of faith to a new generation.

Marriage and Family Books