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World Youth Day Panama: Day 4

Bishop Nicholas Hudson reflects on the events of Friday at World Youth Day.

Friday of World Youth Day is more traditionally a penitential day, so we gathered in our catechesis groups for Reconciliation. Bishop William Kenney of Birmingham told pilgrims that they need to remember that conversion can often be a life-long journey. It’s only when we ponder on the different stages of change in our own lives that we see what a journey of conversion it’s been, what conversion the Lord has been calling us to.

He seemed to echo something that Pope Francis says, that the whole of life is a mission and what’s important is that, at the critical moments of choice on that journey, we call on the Holy Spirit deeply, to ask the Holy Spirit to help us to make choices which will enable us to remain true to our mission. In the Way of the Cross in the evening, Pope Francis reminded us that Jesus continues to walk the way of the Cross every day in the lives of those who suffer. And that we, as disciples of the same Lord, are called to do the same, to walk the way of the Cross with those who suffer.

Deep, inspiring thoughts to launch us on the final weekend of our World Youth Day pilgrimage. We shall gather tonight for the great vigil in the St John Paull II Park.