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What are we doing for Justice and Peace?

There are more than 100 Justice and Peace contacts in our 214 parishes.  Many are doing great things unsung and unknown to the rest of us. 

We have started making our January meeting an open evening to catch up with more of you. 

Please come and bring your stories of campaigns, helping the homeless, fundraising for overseas projects, signing cards to MPs, and so on.  Have a bite to eat (we never said Tottenham was the easiest to get to  for some of you, though it's the centre of our little world!), share your news, and have a glass of Fairtrade wine before setting off to your 2012 Justice and Peace endeavours again!

Invitation to Justice and Peace Open Meeting (and celebration of new office space!)

Wednesday 11 January 2012 

6.30pm, Soup, bread and cheese supper

7-9pm, Sharing of events round the diocese

9pm, Fairtrade wine (including Fairtrade Communion wine sampling!)

All welcome. Come with stories, friends, or both