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St Joseph's Pastoral Centre Volunteer's Day

On Saturday 24 March 2012, Bishop John Sherrington attended a Volunteers day at St Joseph’s Pastoral centre, in Hendon. 

St Joseph’s runs a diverse range of programmes for adults with learning disabilities, supported by a small number of full time staff and an extensive group of committed volunteers.

Bishop John Sherrington addressed the volunteers, staff and the men and women who use the fantastic range of facilities at St Joseph’s, highlighting the, “ God-given gifts each of us have received and that we are called to help others to fulfil their potential and use these gifts to the full.” 

He continued, “I would like to acknowledge the hard work and the commitment which this entails and the generosity that is required in going the extra mile and struggling against many difficulties of communication so that you can get to know and serve one another.”

Bishop Sherrington finished by saying, “Thank you to the volunteers and for all that you are so that others may have life, and have it to the full.”

St Joseph’s is a welcoming and lively place with plenty of opportunities to get involved. For more information about how to help support the work of St Joseph’s click here.