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Speaking out in Westminster

The Westminster Circle of the Catenian Association recently welcomed the Bishop of Salford, the Rt Rev John Arnold as principal guest at its monthly dinner.

Bishop John Arnold called on the Catenians to drive forward Pope Francis’ challenge to us all to become missionary disciples. St Mark’s Gospel record of Jesus that his preaching made a deep impression because unlike the Scribes he spoke with authority. Bishop John commented ‘In our own day I think we have a real gift of someone ‘speaking with authority in the figure of Pope Francis. He certainly acknowledges that rules and regulations are important. They give us direction and identity and purpose. But we must never allow ourselves to be distracted from those first principles of loving God and loving our neighbour, and sometimes that might actually mean breaking the rules.

‘ Let us recognise the power and the influence that each and every one of us can have. Our individual efforts may seem to be insignificant, but in fact when we combine our good works, they have a real impact on the society in which we live.’

He recognised the work that Catenians do, including charitable fundraising, training catechists, engaging with young people and work in parishes, but challenged us to think about what we can do as a body, what should we be saying to the world we live. 'So’, he concluded, ‘we have got to make sure everyone is hearing about what the Catenians do, so that they can feel drawn to the good works that are being accomplished.’

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