Statement by the Rosminian order in Britain


Following the broadcast of 'Abused: Breaking the Silence' on BBC-1 Television on 21 June 2011 the following statements have been released:

A statement from Fr David Myers, leader of the Rosminian order in Britain:

“I apologise without reservation on behalf of the Rosminian brethren in the UK to all those who have suffered. Such abuse was a grievous breach of trust to them and to their families. We are appalled by what was done to them.

“I and all my brethren are deeply shocked at what has happened and acknowledge our inadequate response. We are committed to the pastoral care and support of those who have suffered abuse and to the procedures laid down by the National Catholic Safeguarding Commission.”

A statement from the National Catholic Safeguarding Commission:

'The National Catholic Safeguarding Commission acknowledge with deep concern and regret the hurt and damage caused to so many by certain members of the Rosminian Congregation. We would want to encourage victims of any form of abuse from within the Church to come forward and seek to have their stories heard and understood.'

'The Order is now working to ensure their Safeguarding practices are fully in line with the Church’s policies and procedures.'

A spokesman for the Diocese of Westminster said:

“Any abuse is unacceptable. Our first thoughts are always with those who have suffered from the horror of abuse, which inflicts such severe and lasting wounds. They are uppermost in our prayers.”

“Anyone who has concerns about Fr Kit Cunningham during his time in the Diocese of Westminster should come forward and let those concerns be known.”