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As the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine continues, Cardinal Vincent received the first dose of vaccine on Wednesday 20th January. In a message of encouragement to all, he said: 'First dose of the Covid-19 vaccine yesterday! Such a kind and cheerful experience.  I strongly encourage everyone to take the vaccine. Let's play our part and support NHS staff as they fight to save so many lives. Please, please continue to pray too for an end to this pandemic and for all who have lost their lives.'

Adding his voice to the call for greater take-up of the vaccine, Fr Albert Ofere, Parish Priest of English Martyrs, Wembley Park, shares his experience of his recovery from COVID-19 and his subsequent vaccination. In a video message, he urges everyone to listen to the facts and speak to their GP to make an informed decision about the Covid vaccine.

Bishop Paul McAleenan, in his capacity as Bishop for Ethnic Chaplains for the Diocese of Westminster and as Lead Bishop for Migrant and Refugee Issues for the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales, introduces the video: 'The vaccine developed to protect us against coronavirus is a blessing. In this short video Fr Albert Ofere encourages us all to be vaccinated. Who better to do so? Fr Albert himself was a victim of the virus. In this video he urges us to listen to the voice of reason, to be united in protecting ourselves and others by being vaccinated. His message is for everyone, regardless of race, culture or origin. In short to accept vaccination is an act of love. We rejoice that Fr Albert has recovered and we thank him for his witness and for his passionate words of encouragement. Let what he says remove any doubts or anxiety you may have and make us all eager and willing to be vaccinated against the virus.'