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New Chaplain for Whittington

On Thursday 14th December 2017 Bishop Paul McAleenan officiated at the induction of Fr Oliver Ejike Ugwu CSSP as Catholic Chaplain of the Whittington Health NHS Trust. The small hospital chapel was overflowing with staff and volunteers as Philippa Davis, Director of Nursing and Patient Experience at the Whittington welcomed those present.

After the readings and the Induction rite in which Fr Oliver confirmed he will serve the patients and staff with diligence, he was presented by the bishop with a Bible and pyx brought up by Siobhan Harrington, the CEO of the Whittington Health Trust, as well as other symbols brought up by Holly Ball for the volunteers and Jane Laking, Midwife Specialist Practitioner for the staff. Sr Aideen Keaney LSU, for many years now the assistant Catholic chaplain, read the bidding prayers.

The service closed with the Salve Regina after Very Rev Fr Kenneth Okoli CSSP, the provincial of the Spiritans in Britain (they used to be known as the Holy Ghost Fathers) spoke of the support and pride of the order in Fr Oliver. Other guests included Fr Mark Elliott Smith, the previous Catholic chaplain, Pauline Forde DC, UCLH, Colette Lennon, Watford General, and Deacon Anthony Clark from the neighbouring Royal Free Hospital.