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by Charlotte McNerlin

The icon of the Holy Family was specially commissioned by World Meeting of Families 2018 and written by iconographer Mihai Cucu assisted by the Redemptoristine Sisters of the Monastery of St Alphonsus, Dublin, as part of their ongoing prayer for families. In considering what would be fitting for this Icon, thoughts immediately focused on the Holy Family and on passages in the Gospels in which we see Jesus’ deep compassion and concern for marriage and family life.

We were drawn to an image of the Holy Family at table, sharing food and faith as suggested by Luke’s Gospel (Chapter 2). An obvious Gospel text reflecting God’s concern for marriage is the Wedding at Cana.Then, the other story that came to mind was recorded in Mark’s Gospel. We see Jesus’ response to a family with a sick child.

With these three narratives, the design of this icon forms a triptych which looks, from the outside, like a house with front doors. On the base is the inscription ‘Amoris Laetitia’ translated as ‘The Joy of Love’, the source of our reflections during the WMOF. An icon is not like a photograph, or a portrait. It is an image which invites us to prayer. It is our hope that it will prepare our hearts for World Meeting of Families. 

The Diocese of Westminster are looking to take groups to WMOF. To find out more information contact the Marriage and Family Life Office.

To register please go to Please advise us once you have completed your online registration with WMOF2018 so your names can be added to our diocesan list.