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Professor Rachel Blass gives third Faith Matters Lecture

On 13 November 2012, in the third of our current Faith Matters Lecture series Professor Rachel Blass, Convenor of Psychology of Religion at Heythrop College, spoke in Westminster Cathedral Hall on the topic of ‘Faith and the Psychologists’ which examined how atheist psychology can serve faith. 

Professor Blass in her lecture talked about the different psychological accounts which have been advanced to explain faith and whether it is beneficial or not. Professor Blass also stressed the value of the psychological approach as for believers as ‘psychological accounts of faith can open us to doubt...that has the potential to deepen and enrich it’. A number of different thinkers’ ideas were spoken about including Freud, Jung and Pfister.

The final Faith Matters Lecture of the series is 20 November 2012 and explores 'Finding God in other Cultures and Religions' and is given by Professor Ian Linden.