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Copenhagen Street Church Celebrates 100 Years

Copenhagen Street Parish in Central London has reached its centenary. On 26 June, to celebrate this occasion, Cardinal Vincent visited to say Mass and current and former parishioners all gathered to celebrate the life of the parish. Also in attendance and concelebrating were several of the priests who had served in the parish,including Mgr John Conneely who was baptised in the church.

During his homily Cardinal Vincent thanked everyone who is involved with the parish and spoke about how it was begun, by a Catholic business man. John Crick was a glass blower by trade and funded the building of the Church of the Blessed Sacrament. He specialised in scientific instruments and helped especially with the creation of the Vatican observatory, which needed many specialist instruments. He is an example, the Cardinal explained, of how we can be successful in public life as well as being dedicated to our faith. He continued, acknowledging the importance of things that allow us to give permanent concrete expression to our faith.

After a Mass there was a party, with two huge cakes made in honour of the occasion. Mgr Seamus O’Boyle also presented guests with special Church of the Blessed Sacrament mugs.