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Click to Pray chosen as official prayer platform for WYD Panama

by Fr David Stewart SJ

The Pope’s Prayer Network is honoured to have had Click to Pray chosen as the official prayer platform of WYD Panama. Click to Pray is now a community of at least 1,240,000 people (app, website and social networks) in six languages. In March we will launch the platform in traditional Chinese. An updated version of the app, 4.0, is released this month. The app, on your phone, tablet or desktop, accompanies you throughout your day. It connects you with many thousands of people who find purpose in praying every day for the challenges of humanity and for the mission of the Church as the Pope proposes in his monthly prayer intentions. Through prayer, we can live and build the world we dream. Through prayer, we can give meaning to our lives and be moved to action.

Click to Pray invites you to join the Pope’s call to connect your heart with others seeking to serve the mission of Jesus. It’s an opportunity to accompany the Pope in prayer in a new digital way. Together, we make each day different. Click to Pray also lets you share on the Prayer Wall, your own prayer intentions for all to pray with you. At the same time, our other popular offering, the monthly Pope Video, is now available in Swahili, Polish, Vietnamese and Chinese.

Each day, the app offers a different set of short and accessible prayers. The first is to start off the day, as we pray to make ourselves available for Christ’s mission; a second one, very brief and focussed, is for at least once during the day, to help us recall the offering we made. And in the evening, following the advice we get from St Ignatius of Loyola, the Ignatian review of the day helps us to notice God’s presence in our day, to recognise where the Good Spirit has been prompting us and offering us opportunities to practice the language of dialogue and love. It involves a moment of repentance if we realise we have followed a less loving path and invites us to begin to pray for the next day, that we offer ourselves anew and become more open the Giver of all good gifts.

Visit or download the latest version of the app (on App Store, iTunes and Google Play) to pray with the Pope, and hundreds of thousands of Christians around the world.

Fr David Stewart SJ is the National Director of the Pope's Prayer Network.