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Celebrating diversity at Camp Unity in Borehamwood

Camp Unity, a multi-faith camp in Borehamwood, provided children and their families with opportunities to meet other cultures and foster friendships, leading to greater community cohesion and the celebration of diversity, this summer.

The camp ran from Monday 26th to Friday 30th August, and provided three vegetarian, nut-free (Kosher/Halal) meals per day. Children enjoyed crafts, like making slime and sun catchers, and sports activities like archery, wall climbing and more. In addition to roasting marshmallows and learning campfire songs, with a bit of ingenuity, Camp Unity even had an outdoor cinema!

The camp was organised and staffed by volunteers from five faith organisations in Borehamwood, including representatives from the Jewish, Christian and Muslim communities. The six organisers were Fr Dominic McKenna of the Catholic Parishes of Borehamwood, Sister Rumbi Hitchcock from the St John Apostolic Church of the World, Kashif Merchant from the Islamic community, Rivka David and Rabbi Jeff Berger of the Jewish community, and Cllr Victor Eni of Cowley Hill District.

'By investing in the well-being of our children we hope this will also lead to them acquiring more confidence and stronger leadership skills which will also serve our town’s interest,' said Fr Dominic.

'We believe one of the best ways to promote better social cohesion in Borehamwood & Elstree is to start with young children of primary school age, to give them an experience engaging with nature and each other in a safe, nurturing and wholesome atmosphere,' said Camp Director Rivka David. 'The children are thriving.'

 'We've seen that our faith communities are robust and resilient but that they tend to be self-segregating and know little about each other. Our aim is to melt some of these barriers and build long-lasting friendships,' said Rabbi Jeff Berger.

The Lord Lieutenant of Hertfordshire Robert Voss CBE visited Camp Unity, which hosted about 35 children and was funded by grants from a handful of County and Borough Councillors, food grants from CARITAS Westminster, The Felix Project, plus private donations.