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On 22nd August, Cardinal Vincent Nichols spoke to William Crawley on BBC Radio 4's Sunday Programme about the current crisis in Afghanistan and our moral duties to those people trying to leave Afghanistan.

'The moral obligations, especially as expressed in a Christian perspective are always to try and welcome the stranger. If the stranger is somebody who is in fear for their lives or somebody who has worked with us and our soldiers, then I think that sense of duty towards them is all the stronger. But this is not a simple situation. Moral obligations have to be exercised in particular circumstances, and these circumstances are very difficult.

'This is not simply about how many people officials allow to enter this country. The response to refugees must be a welcome, and a welcome is not something a government alone can create, it's up to everybody.

'In the response that is being fashioned, government ministers and officials should not underestimate the willingness of people here to respond to this emergency and create places of welcome. The last 15 months have shown how rich in resources and resilience and intention the faith communities are, and what they actually can deliver.

'I think we should, with allies, keep a watch and a pressure on those who have seized power in Afghanistan to exercise every possible moderating influence that we can.'

The full interview from BBC Radio 4's Sunday Programme is available to listen to on BBC Sounds. The interview starts at 25.50.