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Bishop Patrick Lynch Speaks out in Support of Vulnerable Migrants

Bishop Patrick Lynch, the Migrants' Bishop has issued a statement on behalf of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales on the finding of migrants in Tilbury shipping container. 

Our thoughts and prayers are with those who experienced terrible suffering trapped in a shipping container discovered at Tilbury docks, on Saturday, 16 August 2014.

It is hard to comprehend the appalling conditions that they would have endured during their journey to the UK.

We commend the police, for the sensitive way they handled this tragic situation and applaud the emergency services, the NHS, local authority and the Sikh community for their rapid response.

We hope that the ongoing investigations will determine quickly whether the people are victims of human trafficking or vulnerable migrants seeking protection.

It is becoming increasingly apparent that vulnerable men, women and children are being exploited by criminals all over the world and that we must respond compassionately to their cries for help.  We support the Home Secretary in her commitment to making Britain a hostile place for human traffickers, and hope that the criminals in this case are speedily brought to justice.