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An Evening of Prayer for the Middle East

On Saturday 18 October at 7.30pm, an evening of song, poetry and prayer will be held for the Middle East at the Church of the Immaculate Conception, Farm Street. 


Poets and singers from a variety of communities will open our hearts and inspire our prayers - the Melkite Church, the Syrian Orthodox, the Maronite Church, and friends from mosque and synagogue. It is an honour to be welcoming oud player and singer Mr Abdul Salam Kheir who is an expert in Classical Arab Song. 

Fr Aphram and the Syrian Orthodox choir will open the evening with the Our Father in Aramaic. Rabbi Markus Lange of New North London Synagogue hopes to reflect on the poetry and wisdom of Buber, Heschel, Said and Amichai on the theme of spiritual and human friendship. Fr Dominic Robinson will share his impressions of his recent trip to the region where the Jesuit Refugee Service Aid for Syria are working with Syrian refugees in the Lebanon. Sarah de Norwall will perform some of her poems inspired by time in the East and sing in Hebrew. Stella Turner will teach those present to sing her beautiful version of the Lord's My shepherd, inspired by the melodies of the Orient.

There will be a middle eastern Bring and Share supper afterwards. 
Please bring your friends who wish to experience the glories of the cultures of the Middle East and who have a generous heart for the situation that so many of our brothers and sisters there are suffering.

Entrance is free so that all can attend and pray, but a call for donations will be made during the evening.

It is hoped that £10,000 will be raised, so please do invite all those who are passionate about offering prayerful and financial assistance. The winter is ahead and many are living in very precarious situations.

All profits will go to the aid of JRS Aid for Syria, supporting refugees in and from Syria