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A Global Wave of Prayer

by Mgr Mark Langham

Some ideas are so simple, yet so profound, that you wonder why no one has come up with them before. In 2015 the Archbishops of Canterbury and York suggested that people might use the ten days between the Ascension and Pentecost as a special time of prayer. This simple invitation caught the imagination of Christians from many traditions, so that by 2016, 100,000 Christians had committed themselves and their families to the ‘global wave of prayer’, and by last year, over half a million people throughout the world took part.

Entitled ‘Thy Kingdom Come’, the initiative has received the enthusiastic support of the Catholic Church, with the happy suggestion of praying a novena during these days. In conversation with the Archbishop of Canterbury, Cardinal Vincent said that using the prayer ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ is an act of confidence in the innate goodness of our world and ourselves: a way of seeing the world that we know as distinctively Catholic.

Taking part in ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ is an act of confidence in the power of prayer to bring us to faith, to transform our lives and to change the world. Do join in this worldwide initiative from 10 to 20 May, visit for resources, and join in the prayer of all the Church: ‘Thy Kingdom Come’.