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The Diocese of Westminster will release its latest booklet for faith-sharing groups this autumn on what it means to be a disciple of Christ. Entitled Jesus, My Lord, the sixty-four page booklet contains six sessions for small groups, a scheme of daily prayer drawn from the prayer of the Church and, new this autumn, pages designed to help parents share the booklet’s theme with their children. Each of the sessions is illustrated with beautiful full-colour illustrations which serve to aid meditation and prayer.

In his foreword to the booklet, Cardinal Vincent Nichols commends the resource saying:

“We all became ‘missionary disciples’ at our baptism. However, each one of us lives out our missionary discipleship in our own particular way.  As ‘missionary disciples’ we needs to ask ourselves in a truly personal manner: Who am I as a disciple? As a missionary, what have I to do and say? This resource, Jesus, My Lord, helps us to explore these questions. It seeks to deepen our understanding of discipleship so to impel us to use our gifts to proclaim God’s Kingdom.”

Missionary discipleship is the phrase most often used by Pope Francis to describe our fundamental Christian vocation, inspired by the Holy Spirit, which is to be lived out in its fullness in our own particular situation.  This resource, Jesus, My Lord, helps us explore our understanding of discipleship as it underpins our personal vocation and impels us to use our gifts to build the kingdom of God. Just as Simon Peter made a conscious decision ‘to drop everything’ and to follow Jesus, we are asked to do the same, to consciously decide that he is our Lord. Over the six weeks, we will contemplate what this means in terms of our daily living.

For many years, members of small faith communities have met each week of the season in each other’s houses across the diocese to explore the Church’s teachings, Scripture and their own faith in God. The exploringfaith series of booklets help in this process by providing a structure and reflections that break open the Word, offering food for thought and sharing. The resources are also available online and have gained a readership from across the English-speaking world.


The season in Westminster will start on Sunday 12 October and finish on Saturday 22 November 2013. The booklets can, however, be used at any time of year. If you would like to find out more about Jesus, My Lord or any of the other exploringfaith booklets, to order copies or should you wish to explore the possibilities of small groups in your parish please email or call 020 7798 9152.