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By Teresa Carvalho, Evangelisation Coordinator

Some years ago, when my mum first passed away, it was difficult to sit where we always sat together for Mass on Sunday, because she was missing. Now, whilst I still miss her, my heart is at peace in the hope that she is with the Lord.

However, recently that feeling of missing someone, came back because so many of the young families I used to see at Mass are no longer there. So many of us who go to Church and have a little tinge in our hearts because someone is missing. Someone who used to come to Mass is no longer there and we miss them and want them to share in the joy that comes from knowing the freedom that Jesus Christ brings.

Cardinal Basil Hume talks about the searching beacon placed within each of us, that at one point or another draws us back to God. So, there is a hope, but one in which we are asked to participate.

Don't worry, all I'm suggesting is a prayer. When you are next at Mass, could you take a moment to think of who's missing and if a tinge hits your heart for a family member or friend or even someone who annoys us.

Could you pray for them? 

Heavenly Father,
Please bless [name of your loved ones].
When I come to Church, I miss them and wish they knew you better.
I entrust them to your care and pray that they will one day open their heart to your love.
I make this prayer in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

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