In the Footsteps of St John Fisher

On 4 September, seminarians and deacons from the diocese broke their long eastward journey to Walsingham at Cambridge, where they walked in the steps of St John Fisher.

At Fisher House, the Catholic Chaplaincy, they heard during Mass how John Fisher had devoted much of his life to building up and forming Cambridge University, in ways that are still significant for the life of the modern University.

Following lunch served by students from the Chaplaincy, the seminarians visited St John's College, where Dr Peter Linehan explained the history of the College founded by St John Fisher, and showed them the famous statue of the saint that stands in the Dining Hall.

The group was also reminded of the other Cambridge martyrs especially connected with Westminster Diocese, including St John Hale, parish priest of Isleworth, and five of the Carthusians from the London Charterhouse.

Later that day, the seminarians continued on their way to the Shrine of Our Lady in Walsingham where they were greeted by the Rector, Mgr John Armitage.

On the following day, Cardinal Vincent joined them for the celebration of Mass. In his homily, he spoke about mercy and justice being equally important and necessary, using the examples of Jesus and Mary who set us the example through their lives. 

He said: 'Isn't it fascinating that, in the Gospels, those who truly encounter in Jesus the mercy and forgiveness of God do not simply go away relieved, but actually become the Lord's disciples, his fervent followers and enthusiastic sharers in his mission of mercy?'

The text of the Cardinal's homily can be found here.