Celebrating 60 years of Priesthood

On Friday 13th July Bishop Mark Jabalé OSB, Bishop Emeritus of Menevia, celebrated his 60th anniversary of ordination to the priesthood at Belmont Abbey, Hereford, on 13th July 1958 by Archbishop Michael McGrath, with Mass at Westminster Cathedral. Cardinal Vincent was the principal celebrant.                                          

In his homily, Bishop Mark reflected, ‘Sixty years a priest is indeed a milestone, and one for which I give grateful thanks to Almighty God,’ for the ‘opportunities…afforded to minister and serve his people.’ He shared the gospel of Matthew 10: 16-23 of Jesus sending his disciples as sheep among wolves and listing the difficulties they will encounter, adding, ‘there can be few priests who have not met indifference… or rejection in their ministry’, but reassuringly the Lord looks after his sheep who are, ’chosen by God and set apart’.

Sharing a story of coincidences, he reminisced about the double jubilation of his ordination day which happened to be the Golden Jubilee of ordination of Archbishop Michael McGrath. In gratitude, he thanked God ‘for the privilege and opportunity … to give his message to his beloved people’ and asked for ‘prayers on this very special day’.

The joy of being a faithful servant showed in Bishop Mark’s smile as the sacristy resonated with a standing ovation by the Cardinal and all the clergy present right after Mass.

Pictures from the Anniversary Mass can be viewed here