Catholicism - A Journey to the Heart of the Faith

CATHOLICISM is a life-changing ten-session course which explores the defining elements of our faith – Jesus’ Incarnation, life and teaching, the Sacraments, prayer and liturgy, Mary, the apostles and saints, the Church, grace, salvation, heaven and hell. It is presented in a series of stunningly produced dvd films by Fr Robert Barron of the Catholic Word on Fire ministry, who brings the essentials of our faith alive by visiting those places where God has touched the earth. See www.wordonfire.org for more details.

We are excited to invite young adults (18-30) to take part in the full CATHOLICISM course on ten consecutive Sundays (finishing on April 1st - Palm Sunday) in the Hinsley Room, next to Westminster Cathedral from 7-9pm and beginning on Sunday 29th January. The course is free but there is a limited number of spaces so it is essential to reserve a place. For more info and to book your place contact Fr Richard at richardnesbitt@rcdow.org.uk

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