Cardinal ordains six new priests

On Saturday 30th June, Cardinal Vincent ordained six men to the priesthood at Westminster Cathedral. 

Reflecting on the importance of memory in the journey of faith, Cardinal Vincent invoked the memory of St John Southworth, ‘one of the giants on whose should we stand’, who ‘moved around these streets, administering forgiveness to a people in great need and risking his life in celebrating the Mass’. 

‘Today, then, we rejoice as six men, full of the memory of their own pathway of faith, come forward to be priests, for in their turn they will offer the Sacrifice of the Mass and minister the Sacrament of Reconciliation, the two great gifts of the priesthood,’ he said. 

New priests strengthen our hope, as they are ‘an important part of the future life of the Church in our parishes’ and every celebration of the Mass is a promise of our future glory. The ordination is ‘a strengthening of that promise, showing us the true horizon of our lives, the horizon of God, the promise of eternal life’. 

‘In serving the Gospel, especially the gift of hope, the art of the priest is that of knowing, in each different circumstance, what to say, what encouragement to give, what action to perform. The wise priest also knows what not to say at this point of a person’s pilgrimage of faith, what not to demand. This is the art of being a pastor of souls: knowing how to discern the next step on the pathway to God,’ he said. 

The Cardinal prayed that many will see the Lord in the ministry of these new priests, adding: 'For this moment, for the memories of faith, for the hope which this gives us, let us thank the Lord with joyful hearts.' 

The newly-ordained priests will minister in the parishes of the diocese. Fr Alan Alvarado is appointed Assistant Priest at St John the Evangelist, Islington and Blessed Sacrament, Copenhagen Street. Fr Mark Dunglinson is appointed Assistant Priest at Holy Trinity, Brook Green. Fr Daniel Herrero is appointed Assistant Priest at Our Lady of Victories, Kensington. Fr Rajiv Michael is appointed to the College of Chaplains at Westminster Cathedral. Fr Jonathan Stogdon is appointed Assistant Priest at St Paul the Apostle, Wood Green. Fr John Tabor is appointed Assistant Priest at Ss Peter and Paul, Northfields.

Please keep these men and all our priests in your prayers.

With Cardinal Vincent are (L-R): Fr Rajiv Michael, Fr Daniel Herero, Fr Daniel Herrero, Fr Jonathan Stogdon, Fr Mark Dunglinson, Fr John Tabor and Fr Allan Alvarado

Photo: Mazur/Catholicnews.org.uk 

The full text of the Cardinal's homily is available here.

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