'Allow Holy Spirit to shape your life,' Bishop Sherrington tells men admitted to candidacy

On Saturday 25th May, Tim Mangatal and Matteo di Giuseppe from Westminster and Anthony Asomugha from East Anglia were admitted to Candidacy during a Mass celebrated by Bishop John Sherrington at Allen Hall on the memorial of St Bede the Venerable.

The admission to Candidacy is a public statement of intent, on their part to go forward for ordination. It is also an acceptance by the Church of this desire, and a formal recognition of the journey towards the priesthood.

Bishop John, in his homily, invited the men to take St Bede as their example: 'The life of Bede reminds us of the need for contemplation in the midst of a busy apostolic life.'

'Bede also teaches us two important aspects about life;' he added, 'one about death, the other about gladness. As priests, we spend many hours at death beds. It is always a precious moment and people will forgive you many faults if you make the effort to go to the hospital, to be at the bedside, and say the prayers of the dying and offer consolation. He also teaches us to be men of gratitude and at the end of each day to sift out under the gaze of the Holy Spirit the gladness in the day and give thanks to God for it. All is sheer gift!'

He enjoined the men to listen to the prompts of the Holy Spirit: 'As you are admitted as candidates for your dioceses, allow the Holy Spirit to shape your life "in mind and spirit to give faithful service to Christ the Lord and his body, the Church."'

Please pray for these men as they continue their formation for the priesthood.

Matteo and Tim reflect on this special day for them.

Additional photos from the day are available here.