“Enlarge the space of your tent” (Isaiah 54:2)
Synod 2021 - 2024

After 3 years of listening and journeying together, we're now looking towards October 2024 when the next session of the XVI Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops will take place. To that end, parishes in the diocese have been encouraged to reflect on how we are tackling the renewal of our sense of mission, in the context of building up communion and widening participation.


The attached letter from Bishop Nicholas explains that the Cardinal has suggested parishes bring people together for two Gatherings in Lent; and that Deans gather the fruit of this reflection for presentation at the Council of Deans meeting on 6th March. 


The questions parishes are asked to consider are

in Gathering 1:
a) How do we witness as a Parish and proclaim our faith to: those who have never heard of Christ; those who have ceased walking with Christ; those with whom we worship Christ (those who come to church)?
b) How should we organize ourselves as a Parish to do this more effectively?

- in Gathering 2:
c) What concrete steps/formation opportunities would help us begin to witness and proclaim our faith more effectively?
d) What structures may need to change? How might we need to develop the way we are organized currently? 


These questions reflect the desire of the Synod organizers to move now towards reflection on how we organize ourselves for mission. The leaflets attached suggest that the questions be seen through the lens of two key themes to have emerged from the Synod: Co-responsibility and Formation. It is anticipated that parishes have Synodal conversations in a way which reflects the round-table conversations which took place at the Rome Synod. 


The two Gatherings should be open to all parishioners, with the following especially encouraged to attend: 1. Parish Finance Council members; 2. Parish Pastoral Council members; 3. Parishioners included in the categories suggested by the Synod Office outline Towards October 2024 (listed at the foot of Bishop Nicholas’s letter).

To find out how you can take part, please speak to your parish priest.

We are invited, in collaboration with the World Pope's Prayer Network, to join in praying for the synod every first Monday of the month. Find out more here: https://www.prayforthesynod.va/en/