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‘Our Lady smiles at you in love, she asks you to smile at others and to grow in the love of Jesus and others. He says, “grow in my love”.’

Bishop John Sherrington spoke these words to the pilgrims from St Joseph’s Pastoral Centre, as well as a number of other pilgrims, in his homily at the joy-filled family Mass this Sunday morning.

While most of our pilgrims attended the International Mass, some instead went to the Mass in St Joseph’s Chapel, which included a beautiful dramatisation to accompany the Mass.

In the homily, Bishop John spoke of God being like a patient farmer who is constantly caring for his plants. It is his deep desire that we should grow, and for this reason, he shows us immense love and gives us many graces. However, this growth isn’t always easy, and it is certainly not always a quick process!

But perhaps that makes it all the more beautiful.

Bishop John called upon St Paul and St Bernadette as examples of how the Lord visits us when we are weak, and smiles upon us so that we may follow him and love those around us.

The pilgrims all participated in the Mass in different ways, and it was truly a joy our celebration on the second day of our pilgrimage.

The photos can be found on Flickr.