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Welcome BoxesWe are excited to announce that we are teaming up with Upbeat Communities to bring you Welcome Boxes!

This befriending project has been running successfully in Derby for a number of years. It's based on a simple concept which the whole parish can get involved in.

How does it work?

When refugees arrive in an area, Welcome Box volunteers visit them with a box of small gifts. The volunteers then help families and individuals to find local groups and services, such as an English class, a doctor, or a school. Arriving in a new place can be daunting and isolating, and volunteers can provide refugees with the social connections and support they need to get on their feet.

How do I set up a Welcome Boxes project?

You will need:

- A group of at least four people from your parish or deanery

- A coordinator who can oversee the volunteers

- Somewhere to store and assemble boxes

- Donations of cardboard boxes and small gifts (eg shampoo, hair clips, sweets).

What about training?

We can provide training for volunteers and coordinators free of charge. 

What can I do apart from befriending people?

You can help assemble boxes or donate items to put in the boxes. If you have children, they can help to assemble and decorate the boxes.

Get in touch now to find out about setting up Welcome Boxes in your parish!

Contact for more information, or email your hub worker.