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St Elizabeth’s Centre, a specialist school, FE college, and supported living facility in Bishop’s Stortford, has been a place of kindness, peace and support for so many since its humble beginnings in 1903. 

Rooted in Gospel values, St Elizabeth’s exists to offer vulnerable people individually designed education, care and support services that maximise their opportunities to live life to the full. The core values of love and service underscore the passion and commitment of the Daughters of the Cross and the dedication of staff. It is a place where miracles happen every day.  

Situated in beautiful Hertfordshire countryside and bathed in serenity, St Elizabeth’s strives to optimise the wellness of learners and staff alike.

St Elizabeth’s was established by the Daughters of the Cross, a religious order founded by Blessed Marie Therese in Liege, whose aim is to reach out to the poor and disadvantaged, and to give exemplary care and education to everyone, despite their background or ability.  

St Elizabeth herself, was by nature, a kind princess who despite her rich background, gave so generously to the needy, even when she experienced life-changing poverty. She remained committed to her faith and overcame devastating circumstances to feed, clothe and build hospitals for the sick. She discovered that the greatest honour of all is to serve others by bringing Christ’s love to them; an example that the Sisters were inspired to imitate. 

In 2018 St Elizabeth’s became an independent charity that continues to thrive and reflect both the Sisters’ and their patron saint’s mission and ethos. The charity serves all people with dignity and respect. All who work there show profound compassion and demonstrate determination to help learners overcome the greatest of challenges. In other words, they strive daily to put into action the Gospel value of serving others first.

The Centre is a unique place of care and learning for people of all ages with a learning disability, in an environment that encourages all learners to reveal their true innate talents, and to shine in the world.  


St Elizabeth’s welcomes expressions of interest from those who have skills they can contribute to the centre’s work as a specialist provider of care and education. To find out more about joining one of their governance boards, please contact To find out more about the charity visit their website.