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By Dominic Cunliffe, Chaplain at St Dominic's Sixth Form

From 28th September to 2nd October, St Dominic's Sixth Form College in Harrow on the Hill marked the celebration of ‘Dominican Week’. This week of reflection and prayer was an opportunity for students and staff to contemplate our Dominican heritage, which stretches over a hundred years, and apply it to our lives today.

Each morning, as a whole community, we asked the Dominican saints in their wisdom to intercede for us in this most difficult of years, with so many affected by the pandemic and a challenging return for all staff and students. It is good to remember the saints who have gone before us, watching over us all at St Dominic’s Sixth Form College.

During these difficult times, we also asked St Dominic to give us the strength and courage we need to face the challenges we face this year as a College family. We prayed to St Thomas Aquinas to help us bloom and grow with abundant fruit and we prayed to St Catherine of Siena to help us do good works with a big heart and do small things with great love.

Our prayer this year is that we confront the difficulties we face with confidence and encouragement, cheered and strengthened by the ‘great cloud of witnesses’ that have gone before us.

Let us pray for St Dominic's Sixth Form College this year and for all our extended family and Dominican institutions.

Father. Thank You for our great heritage. For the Dominican saints who have gone before us. Those of faith who bear witness. In the trials and difficulties that we face this year may we be filled with confidence that they watch over us. This great cloud of witnesses cheer us on from above as we run this race. Help us to discard every encumbrance that may hinder us. Give us perseverance as we press towards the final goal. May we patiently endure all the obstacles in life in the power of the Holy Spirit and help us to be a living witness to Your Word of truth. Amen.

St Dominic, Pray for us.

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