St Benedict's School, Ealing marked International Women's Day with a recital of music entirely by women performed by some of St Benedict’s singers and inspired by their singing teacher and international soprano Gabriella Di Laccio.

Gabriella champions the music of women composers, many of whom were unrecognised in their own lifetime, their music unacknowledged and ignored. She has been recognised by BBC World for her work in bringing their music to light.

The recital's programme spanned over 160 years and included beautiful songs such as L'anneau d'argent by Cécile Chaminade (1857–1944), the Apple Orchard by Lori Laitman (b. 1955) and Down by the Salley Gardens by Rebecca Clarke (1886 - 1979).

Last year on International Women’s Day Gabriella launched DONNE: Women in Music, an online database of more than 5,000 women composers. ‘DONNE is my way, as a musician, to share with as many people as possible the fascinating stories of so many neglected women composers,’ she said. ‘By raising awareness about the huge inequality that we currently experience when it comes to knowing these women and hearing their music, we hope to help to create a more equal world for future generations.’

St Benedict's is delighted to be working in partnership with her in doing just that.