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Spiritual Refreshment in Ealing

Once a month members of the Ealing Abbey Lay Plainchant Choir sing the Mass at Chestnut Lodge, a residential home giving nursing care for older people suffering from dementia. The staff prepare an altar and seating in the communal lounge for the many residents wishing to attend.  Each individual is greeted by the Rev. Dom Thomas Stapleford OSB upon his arrival from nearby Ealing Abbey. It is heartening to see the response of those participating in the Mass, demonstrating the power of prayer sung through Gregorian Chant.

To many of them the singing from the Kyriale rekindles treasured memories

of their childhood. The reading of the Gospel and the words of encouragement

from Fr. Thomas give spiritual refreshment to all who listen. The choir says is privileged to sing at this Mass outside the Abbey and always welcomes new members.