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SEIDs: Dignity in Work

It is astonishing to realise that the majority of people living in poverty in London (58%) are living in a working family. That’s 1.3 million people living with ‘in-work’ poverty in the capital alone, many working jobs with long hours in unsuitable conditions. One of the best ways to move someone out of poverty is to give them a decent and dignified job that allows development and fulfilment, pays a sustainable London wage, and provides a working environment where people and profit co-exist, rather than one taking precedence over the other. Yet for many Londoners dignified work is not available.

As Pope Francis explains: ‘Work is fundamental, it “anoints’ us with dignity, makes us similar to God’. This is why Caritas Westminster and the Diocese of Westminster are working to tackle poverty in many different ways, including the recently-launched SEIDs, a family of social enterprises or social businesses that trade for a social good.
Decent and dignified work is at the heart of SEIDs. That is why one of our initiatives is Property Services, delivered by properly trained workers and apprentices. Not only do we offer a respectful work environment, we are an accredited London Living Wage Employer, paying 30% more than the national minimum wage. If our hourly rates are higher than other companies’, it is because they reflect the true cost of fairly paid, dignified and decent work in London today.

SEIDs Property Services offers painting and decorating, plumbing and all those general repair and maintenance jobs that occur so frequently around a home, parish or business. By using our services to take care of your property needs, you would be supporting the move to dignified and decent work for those normally locked out of a sustainable employment opportunity.

For more information please visit or contact Pawel Szkolnik on 07706288913 or Andrew Curtis 07513059809.