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Praying for the Victims of London Attacks

Following the attacks in Westminster on 22nd March, the victims were remembered in many ways across the capital. In addition the the Mayor's prayer vigil held in Trafalgar Square, many parishes took time to remember and to pray for the victims: those who have died and those who are injured, and their families.

At Westminster Cathedral, a shrine (below) was created as a focus of devotion, where visitors were invited to pray and light candles. The Union Flag outside the cathedral was flown at half-mast in memory of those who died in the attacks. 

At Notre Dame de France, the French church in Leicester Place, a shrine (below) was created in honour of the victims. Visiting the parish on 23rd March, Bishop Nicholas was deeply touched by the response of the community that has itself felt the shock and sorrow of the terrorist attacks in Paris and Nice. 

'I met Fr Pascal, Parish Priest, who asked me to assure the diocese of the sympathy of all French Catholics who worship at Notre Dame de France; and that they hold us in their prayers, most particularly Aysha Frade and her family who mourn for her,' he said.

Aysha was remembered by St Mary of the Angels School in Bayswater, which her children attend and which she herself attended as a child. A prayer service, led by Bishop Nicholas, for the school community took place on Saturday, 25th March.

On Sunday, 26th March, Cardinal Vincent celebrated the 10.30am Mass in the cathedral for the victims of the attacks. (Details are found here.)

Main photo: Union Flag flying at half mast outside Westminster Cathedral