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Polish Saturday School Celebrates 65 Years

On Saturday 25 June, Bishop John Wilson joined the Polish Saturday School for their 65th anniversary celebrations. 

The day began in St Benedict's Church, Ealing, where Bishop John bestowed a blessing on the gathered teachers, parents and students. They in turn presented him with flowers and gifts with special significance for the school.

Later, at the school, Bishop John met with pupils and staff, took part in school activities and visited pupils at their lessons. 

Speaking of the occasion, he said: 'It was a great joy to be with the pupils and staff of the Polish Saturday School in Ealing as they celebrate their 65th anniversary this year. It is so important for all those involved to know, celebrate and be proud of their Polish language, history and culture all in the context of their Catholic Faith. I was so impressed to witness the dedication and commitment to passing this on to future generations.'

Bishop John's visit was a welcome sign of solidarity and encouragement for the community.