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Ministry of Acolyte at Allen Hall

On the feast of the Blessed Martyrs of Douai College, 29 October, Bishop John Wilson celebrated Mass at Allen Hall and instituted six men as Acolytes. At a Mass attended by friends and family, Laurence Bryce, Ian Conford, Mark Dunglinson, Chinedu Enuh, Daniel Herrero and Johnathan Stogdon were all welcomed into the Office of Acolyte by Bishop John Wilson.  Before the mass began, seminarians read out the names of the 150 Blessed martyrs of Douai College, reminding those gathered of the great sacrifice that was made for Christ by these men. In his homily Bishop John explained that in a spiritual way, the seminarians of Allen Hall were descendants of those who came over from Douai and were killed. He went on to talk about the importance of the role of Acolytes in Mass, distributing the most holy body and blood of Christ and to encourage them recently instituted six to not lose hope in God’s plan for them.
He finished by reminding the congregation that we should not lose heart because we are not like the Douai martyrs, because we each have something to offer, we all can give our lives to God in different ways.