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Launch of the new Blessed Holy Family Catholic Academy Trust, Harrow

On 1st May 2019, Bishop John Wilson offered Mass to mark the formal inauguration of the new Blessed Holy Family Catholic Academy Trust, Harrow. The first step in a diocesan wide move towards academisation, Bishop Wilson described the trust as ‘trailblazers’. The first of many schools which will now come together to form academy trusts.

The Mass marks the beginning of a new trust that brings together the schools of St John Fisher, St George, St Joseph and Sacred Heart Language College. Speaking at the mass, Bishop Wilson was keen to point out that ‘each school retains its distinctive identity, while now also belonging to something greater: to a family of schools.’ The Bishop went on to reflect on the meaning of Catholic education: ‘As history shows us, Catholic education does not happen by chance. It requires the sustained effort and commitment of so many people to ensure that this work of love, so integral to the mission of Christ’s Church, serves our young people, their families and their local communities.’

The establishment of this new trust marks the conclusion of a great deal of work from the Diocesan Diocesan Education Service and its Director JP Morrison, the Academy Project Board, Paolo Camoletto, Diocesan Chief Operating Officer, and Academy Officer Adrian Leggett, together with the Local Authority, all of whom have worked hard to enable this new beginning.