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On Saturday 10th January, a full Westminster Cathedral rang out with the words, ‘Ave, ave, ave Maria’, at the Mass of the Sick in honour of Our Lady of Lourdes, celebrated by Cardinal Vincent Nichols.

In Pope Francis’ message for the 32nd World Day of the Sick, which coincides with the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes, he call for us to heal the sick by healing relationships, lamenting ‘the culture of individualism that exalts productivity at all costs’. He called all to make the sick, the vulnerable and the poor the ‘heart of our human concern and pastoral attention’.

Following this call, at the Mass of the Sick, Cardinal Vincent, Bishop Paul, Bishop John and other members of the clergy anointed many people, with about 60 people in wheelchairs, who were elderly or sick.

In his homily, Cardinal Vincent drew attention to Mary’s role in pointing us to her Son. He used the story of Jack Traynor, a man from Liverpool who had gone to Lourdes and been healed.

After Jack’s return, all of Liverpool joined in his rejoicing. As the Cardinal said, ‘Jack Traynor, whose mother had died when he was young, had learned from her how to know, love and trust Mary as his heavenly Mother.’

‘It was this understanding that had made him so determined to go to Lourdes.’

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