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On 21st May, the Rosary Catholic Primary School in Heston celebrated the rich cultural diversity of its school family with a special day of lessons.

To mark the occasion, staff and pupils attended school wearing traditional cultural dress or clothes matching the colours of their flag.

Speaking about the day of celebration, Miss Bass, Head of School, said:

‘The whole school community celebrated everything that makes us so unique as well as all the things that connect us: how fortunate we are to have such a wonderfully diverse school!

‘The children were able to think about all the different cultures that they have in their own classes. It was a great success!’

Each year group participated in Cultural Diversity Day with lessons focusing on a specific topic. Nursery and Year 3 discovered more about music from different cultures across the world. Reception and Year 4 read and discussed a variety of cultural stories. Year 1 and Year 5 learned about the celebration of food from different countries and regions. Year 2 and Year 6 found out about different cultural celebrations throughout the globe.

The Cultural Diversity Day was so successful that the event will now be part of the school’s annual calendar of celebrations alongside the International Food Event.

Images: The Rosary Catholic Primary School, Heston